Kirk Nelson

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Kirk Nelson
Sales and Leasing Associate

Kirk Nelson has sat on all sides of the real estate table—as a buyer, seller, tenant and landlord. From his experience, he knows how to negotiate a deal among competing interests. Kirk has successfully brokered commercial real estate deals first in Seattle and now Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia is a growing city that I hope to make even better. That wish motivates me to be disciplined, to put in the hard work to turn my visions to reality. My goals for Philadelphia inspire me to create connections with others, combining their aspirations into mine, to make this great city the best. Because my life is about the people I know and the things I create by working with them.”

A graduate of the University of Washington, Kirk holds degrees in Economics and Philosophy. He is a aggressive entrepreneur, who built three successful businesses, including a general contracting company in Seattle and a marine contracting company in Baltimore. His last endeavor was Wedge + Fig, a successful restaurant in Old City. Between these various enterprises, brokering deals for others and managing his own real estate holdings, Kirk found time to sail over 50,000 miles on his 40’ sailboat, cruising the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean with his wife. When they “swallowed the hook” and returned to shore, Philadelphia became their home.

“Philly is where I eat, sleep, work, and play. I want it to be the best city in the world. I can help that happen through real estate, by putting the right businesses into the right spaces, by finding the right investors to husband the properties and buildings that define our community.”

Kirk and his wife, Lisa, live in Old City. Some of the other passions in his life–after real estate–are sailing, skiing and single-malt scotch.