Tenant Representation: Helping your Company Grow, Expand, Relocate

Are you growing out of your current space?
Do you want your business to expand to another location? 

If you answered YES to either one of the above please consider the benefits of Tenant Representation. Extending your business to new locations can be a long, frustrating process. It can take much unnecessary time away from what you do best…your job!

Many people are not aware of their options, or the help available when searching new locations for their business. As much as there is help and representation for the seller in any situation, there is just as much of it for the buyer. This is called Tenant Representation, and there are many important factors about it that you should know.

Tenant representatives take much of the burden out of finding the perfect place to open shop, and here is why you should consider our assistance:
• Well connected in the market
• Have easy access to market rental/sale rates
• Cut out the stress of lease negotiations
• What is the “Tenant Improvement Allowance” for a quality tenant
• Knowing what is coming in and around the area in the near or distant future
• Allows for you to keep doing your job while we do ours
COMPENSATION IS AT ZERO COST TO YOU, as the Landlord is responsible for it

Being represented is a win/win situation for all, and only makes your life easier. Precision Realty Group cares about finding a space that your business can work in comfortably and efficiently. If your business is starting to consider relocating, and/or are within one year of your lease coming due, we strongly suggest seeking representation.

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